Don’t see it listed?

There are a number of fragrances and herbal products that are  available to us but which we don’t’ necessarily have in our immediate  inventory. Contact us and we’ll see what we can do to find it for you.

Some of the Customization options available are:

We can include any of the fragrances we offer in our soaps and toiletry products if  requested at time of order. We can also customize a unique fragrance blend of fragrances especially for you.

Herbal Blends
We can include (or exclude)  specific herbal ingredients into our soaps  and tea blends on request. Certain herbs are subject to season and availably, choices can effect pricing and shipping times.

While we do not use them where it is unnecessary, FDA regulations state that we cannot exclude the use of preservatives in certain
products. We will however, on request exclude the usage of fragrances and colorants  for those with sensitivities to them.


Below is a listing of some of the Fragrance Blends which we currently have in stock.

Unlike the Single Notes, these blends are proprietary. However, we have tried our best to name and describe them so that our customers will have an idea of the basic underlying scent.

Black Leather Jacket
Scent: Leather.
Uses: Good base for men’s product fragrance or as a stand alone if the scent of  new leather is desired.

Devil’s food cake
Scent: Sweet Dark Chocolate
Uses: Good for products which will be used in the kitchen, lip balms, Gift items for “chocoholics” and toiletries for children.

Ocean Mist
Scent: Pleasantly light, breezy, clean, fragrance
Uses: Good for all bath and toiletry products.
The Light fresh scent is completely non-aggressive and unisex, making this a good scent choice for purchasing Gift products for most people.

Scent: Rich Butterscotch
Uses: Good for products which will be used in the kitchen, lip
balms and children’s toiletries.

Ginger Snap
Scent: Fresh Gingerbread Cookies
Uses: Non volitile. Good for products which will be used in the kitchen and children’s toiletries

Herbal Essence Copy
Scent: a close approximation of the popular Clairol Herbal Essence scent. shampoo
Uses: Clean non aggressive and pleasant fragrance good for all bath products.

Spiced Bay for Men
Scent: Close approximation of Old Spice  Cologne
Uses: Traditional men’s fragrance good for bath and toiletry products. Can be used as a lighter, summer time alternative to the commercial scent.

Scent: Cardomom based, Warm, very sensual, earthy fragrance with just a hint of spice.
Uses: What we refer to as an adult scent. A good inclusion for massage oils, bath products and romantic gifts.

Gryphon for Men
Scent: Drakkar Noir type, contains notes of juniper, spicy berries, citrus, lavender and amber. The scent is a close approximation of the Drakkar cologne at a fraction of the price.  Clean and fresh and classically masculine.
Uses: Good stand alone fragrance or as a  base for men’s toiletry items.

Peach Nectar 
Scent: A sweet, very close approximation of fresh peaches.
Uses: Good for products which will be used in the kitchen and in children’s products

Sweet Earth
Scent: Warm, very earthy scent. with a hint of Vetiver.  A very close approximation of the healthy foliage and soil scent one may notice on a walk through the woods after a rain shower.
Uses: Excellent choice for any product intend to be used for grounding purposes and nature attuned activities.

Cinnamon Spice
Scent: Warm, sharp cinnamon fragrance with touches of nutmeg, clove, allspice and vanilla. Reminiscent of Winter Holiday spices and cookies.
Uses: Good for products which will be used in the kitchen. Acceptable for soaps and potpourris, however due to the ratio of cinnamon, this scent is not advisable for Bath Salt products, or any bath  product which will be used by children.

Sweet Grass
Scent: A  rich, clean green scent.
Uses: An excellent choice for general  earth attunement activities.  It’s pleasant, non aggressive unisex fragrance also makes this scent a good choice for guest soaps,  bath, gift and toiletry products for most people.

Vanilla Spice
Scent: Warm, sultry, spicy vanilla scent with an engaging undertone of cinnamon.
Uses: Good for products which will be used in the kitchen, and in any product or gift for anyone who enjoys the scent of vanilla.  The vanilla primary “cools”  the more volatile cinnamon oil considerably, making this fragrance acceptable for bath and toiletry products. However, due to the cinnamon content ratio of this fragrance, it is not advisable for use in any bath products which will be used by children.

Our “Single Note” Fragrances may be used alone or combined to create unique custom scents:

Amber                                    Musk
Allspice                                  Myrrh
Bubble Gum                          Nag Champa
Bergamot                               Neroli
Cardamom                             Oakmoss
Camphor                                Patchouli
Chamomile                            Peppermint
Clovebud                                Peach Nectar
Clary Sage                              Pine Needle
Cedarwood                             Rosemary
Cypress                                   Rosebud
Dessert Sage                          Rose Petal
Dragon’s Blood                     Sandalwood
Eucalyptus                             Sweetgrass
Frankincense                         Spearmint
Grapefruit                              Sweet Orange
Ginger                                     Vanilla Bean
High John                              Vetiver
Jasmine                                  Ylang-Ylang
Lavender                                White Sage
Lemon Grass
Lemon Verbena

Note: this is only a partial listing of our offerings, if you don’t see it here or listed in our general product choices, feel free to ask!

Gift Basket Customization

We are very proud of our Gift Baskets. While we do have a specific set and style of baskets we use for standard purposes, all of the items we carry are available for inclusion in a Gift Basket. Our baskets are created with correspondences and aesthetics in mind. We include small accents and decorations which enhance the  overall attractiveness and theme of the basket.

We will work with you to create the perfect Gift. If you wish a basket created for a special occasion or with a specific fragrance theme, or specific  gift accents  just contact us and we will work with you to develop that perfect gift. Please note that Gift basket choices can effect  pricing and shipping time.

We will happily customize fragrances and products on request, however since the possible combinations are endless, we have decided to base our initial Gift Basket blends specifically on the two primary areas of life that so often get neglected.

All Gift Baskets are attractively arranged and contain the following:

* A decorative 9oz jar of Bath Sea Salts
* Scented votive candle and holder
* Corresponding 3.5oz bar of our Gylcerin Soap
* 2oz atomizer of refreshing hydrosol.
* A special Correspondingly Themed Gift Inclusion
* Gift card enclosure

All for only $25.50

Choose From:

The Soothing Soak Basket which contains herbs and scents to ease tired minds and aching muscles. Among the ingredients are lavender and eucalyptus which assists relaxation and the opening of blocked passages. [wp_cart:Gift Basket-Sooth:price:25.50::]:end]

The Revitalizing Basket which contains a mélange of lively, invigorating herbs and  scents such as ginger and citrus for energizing the body and uplifting the  spirits. Positively delightful! [wp_cart:Gift Basket-Revit:price:25.50::]:end]

 In addition to our pre-made gift baskets all of our products are available for inclusion in a uniquely customized gift baskets as well.

Simply contact us with the products and fragrances you wish us to include, tell us the occasion so that we are able to include appropriate basket accents,(or let us know if you have any specific includes that you wish us to use) and we will arrange and package your basket for you. Please Note: once we have all your basket details we will submit the cost and shipping which must be paid before we begin basket customization.


We also will gift package individual products using decorative jars, ribbons etc. Again, contact us and tell us the occasion so that we can choose appropriate packaging and inform you of any additional costs or shipping.


We are always seeking to add new and exciting fragrances to our product line. Please feel free to suggest your own fragrance blends for your own customized products!