A little bit about us…  

We love what we do.

Life is often too hectic to always take care of yourself properly with few having the ability to take time away to recuperate. Which  is why we found ourselves in a position of repeating the same message to friends and families, one that we try to impart to  our customers -” remember to breathe”

It seems a simple thing, when was the last time you truly gave yourself time to just relax? Our  goal became clear: to provide for the benefit body and spirit, and the wisdom to care for oneself. To help people find their  center again.  W2 Apothecary was created with the notion  that we should take care of ourselves – heart, body, and mind.    Our goal is to become a full service Apothecary carrying a wide selection of gentle mind/body balancing items such as herbs, tinctures, teas, Aromatherapy products and care kits.

We  hope in our small way to help people regain their balance, reduce stress, nurture  their own healing process, and indulge in a little much needed  pampering. Through our offerings, we extend the invitation to  you to relax, play a little and just enjoy yourself.

And remember…  “Take  Time to Breathe…”



Be sure to check out our selection of  Gift Items, Aromatherapy Products All of our products are available for inclusion in our fully customizable Gift Baskets.   Contact us for Details!


One of the things that makes us a bit special is our  flexibility. Our ability and willingness to work with our customers to see to it that our customers have just the products and basket includes they want for any occasion.  Our customizing options help ensure that you don’t have to settle for a product simply because  there are no other  choices available to you. We are always happy to fully customize a product or Gift Basket. Please view our customization options or contact us for specific customization orders.