tubflowersTub Flowers are a lovely and pampering way to disperse bath crystals and soaking herbs in the tub. They are also quite versatile, they make a pretty hostess favors and are charming in room scenting arrangements or nested into gift baskets to create a fragrant “flower garden” for the bath.

Below are the basic steps for making simple carnations. Tub Flowers are easily customized fragrance and color wise, and you can experiment with various shapes and designs to create a wide variety of flowers, so use your imagination and have fun!



You will need;


  1. Stack at least 3 coffee filters one inside the other and put approx 1-2 teaspoons of scented bath crystals in the middle of the center filter. Depending on the size of your filters and bath crystals you can add more if you choose, you just want to leave enough filter free to create your petals.
  2. Gather up the filters and tie off forming a ball of salt crystals at the bottom. Note: if you want your flowers to be multi colored, you can spray each filter separately, let dry and then assemble them.
  3. Gently separate the filters at the top forming your flower
  4. Add distilled water to spray bottle and mix selected food coloring/s in the water until the desired color/s is reached.
  5. Spritz color mixture onto each flower until desired shade is reached, being careful not to over saturate the filters.
  6. Set the flowers aside to dry.

Optional: Spritz each flower with Body Mist to enhance fragrance and add  light moisturizing and additional fragrance to the bath.

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