Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we have. Scent stimulates taste, triggers memory, promotes specific states of mind, creates direct associations to events and has a definite effect on the body with it’s ability to trigger physiological responses.

Scent in varous forms has been used throughout the centuries for everything from repelling insects to communing with The Divine. Following are some of the more common uses and associations for specific scents.




Amber: A perfume resin, used to promote sensuality.

Basil: used to improve concentration. Eases migraine headaches. Harmonizing influence. Held to Increase empathy.

Bergamot: Used for stress relief. Held to provide spiritual protection and encourage prosperity.

Cedarwood: Used to improve symptoms of bronchitis, and arthritis. Encourage feelings of safety and security.

Cinnamon: Used to counteract symptoms of flu and other viral illnesses. Conviviality. Amplifies the effects of other fragrances.

Citronella: Used as a natural insect repellent.

Citrus: (lemon, orange, etc.) Used for tonic effects. Energizing. Promotes optimistic attitude.

Cloves: Used in Aphrodisiacs. Held to improves mental abilities and mood.

Cypress: Used to help eases depression, particularly for those mourning.

Eucalyptus: Used to relieves respiratory congestion, coughs, headaches. Helps protect against cold and flu germs in the air.

Fennel: Used for digestive disorders and obesity.

Frankincense: Used for stress relief, and in arthritis massage oils. Soothes nervous conditions. Spiritually uplifting, traditionally used for sacred purposes.

Geranium: Used as an antidepressant. Improves menstrual problems, sore throats.

Jasmine: Used to help aids sleep and meditation. Reduces anxiety, depression, lethargy.

Lavender: Used for calming stress and anxiety. Good for relieving headaches, fainting, asthma. Relaxing, calming, and soothing. Stimulates dreaming.

Musk: Used to promote sensuality, commonly a masculine scent. Held to strengthen courage.

Myrrh: Traditionally used in Ceremonial and Spiritual matters. Emotionally grounding.

Patchouli: Used to promotes sensuality and a cheerful, peaceful attitude.

Pine: Used to help reduces symptoms of colds, sore throats, chest infections. Promotes grounding and balancing.

Rose: Excellent for improving depression and symptoms of menopause. Promotes warm, loving feelings, peacefulness.

Rosemary: Stimulates memory. Balancing effect for pain, obesity, headaches. Also used for it’s theraputic properties in massage oils.

Sandalwood: Used to promote spiritual calm. It’s exotic scent is often used in blends to help promote sensuality. Held to be an antidepressant. Spiritually protective. Used to cleanse ceremonial space and enhance prayer and meditation.

Vanilla: Recuperative, physically energizing and emotionally stimulating.

Violet: Used to promote cheerfulness. Held to increase empathy.

Ylang Ylang: Sexually stimulating. Antidepressant, good for high blood pressure. Held to reduce inhibitions and promote emotional relaxation.

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