A few  uses for Essential Oils….

    • Bedroom: place 5 drops of Lavender on a cotton ball
      and place inside your pillow case about 20 minutes
      before bedtime to help ease insomnia and restlessness,
    • Kitchen: use a drop of Clove in a simmering pan to
      help get rid of cooking odors. Use 5 drops of Lemon or
      Tea Tree oil on your dish cloth as an antiseptic to wipe
      down counters.
    • Bathroom: Place 5 drops of Citrus on a tissue and
      place inside toilet roll to help freshen the room.
    • Your Desk: Place your stationary in a zip lock bag with
      a drop of your favorite essential oil for scented
    • The Garden: Add citronella, catnip and lemon grass to
      a carrier oil.   Wear to help repel insects.
    • Add 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil to a cloth and use to clean surfaces
      around the house, the antiseptic properties will help
      repel houseflies.
    • Eucalyptus Oil is a known disinfectant and can be added to distilled water
      to clean counter tops and bathrooms
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