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Thanks for dropping by. Life is often too hectic to always take care of yourself properly with few having the ability to take time away to recuperate. Which is why we found ourselves in a position of repeating the same message to friends and families, one that we try to impart to our customers -” remember to breathe”
Our goal became clear: to provide for the benefit body and spirit, and the wisdom to care for oneself. To help people find their center again. W2 Apothecary was created with the notion that we should take care of ourselves – heart, body, and mind. We hope in our small way to help people regain their balance, reduce stress, nurture their own healing process, and indulge in a little much needed pampering. Through our offerings, we extend the invitation to you to relax, play a little and just enjoy yourself.

And remember… “Take Time to Breathe…”


What's New from W2!

Gardener's Hand Scrub


Formulated especially for busy hands. This soap is mildly abrasive so it cleans and exfoliates to help remove stains while still leaving hands soft and smooth. Perfect for Gardeners, Mechanics, Artists and Crafters.  

4 oz $6.95

Activated Charcoal Soap

A gorgeous ebon bar of luxurious 3 Butter blend (Shea, Cocoa butter and Mango ) combined with detoxifying coconut derived activated charcoal combined to create a creamy, nourishing lather that leaves skin nourished, soft and smooth. 

3.5 oz bar $3.95

Beard Oil


Made with Jojoba, Grapeseed, Rice Bran & Tamanu oils, Vitamin E and Aloe extract, our easily absorbed beard oil is specially formulated to help tame tough beard hairs leaving the beard soft shiny and conditioned, while also helping to combat annoying under beard acne and beard itch by nourishing the skin beneath it, A little goes a long way!  

1fl oz $14.95

Turmeric & 3 Butter Soap


Soothe and Revitalize summer skin with this wonderful, golden bar featuring Tumeric.  Scented with an uplifting blend of Orange and Sweet Lime.

4 oz $3.95

Black Sea Salt Body Scrub

Contains moisturizing sesame oil, fine grain Solar evaporated black sea salt and coconut shell activated charcoal to help cleanse, detoxify and exfoliate skin leaving it glowing, soft an supple.  

15 oz $18.50

Rosemary & Parsley Facial Mask


Soothe and Revitalize summer skin with this wonderful mask containing rosemary, parsley, Kaolin clay (known for it's ability to remove skin impurities) and healing aloe vera.  

4 oz $12.50

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